Sunday, April 22, 2012

I work out!!

   So now that there are no Holidays for awhile I'm going to get back on the ball with my "loosing weight" resolution that I made for New Years. I was so proud of myself when I first started I dropped about 10-15 pounds. But sense I fell off for about a month or soo.... to keep up on my daily down low.hehe. I have begun my new work regimes. First off there is no way to really loose weight unless you start eating right so I am making it a point to substitute one unhealthy thing for one good thing. Such as I traded soda for power aid or juice. and I trade unhealthy carbs for healthy carbs. I have also given up on some of my favorite snacks such as doughnuts, Nutella, and anything that is normally not good for proper weight loss. I've also taken up in my local farmers market for all my fruits and vegetables that way I'm  eating healthy and helping a local business.
Well you can't have healthy eating with out exercise just as you can't have your peanut butter with out the jelly. I'm not one to join the gym, I always feel awkward and out of place so I rather work out in the comfort and privacy of my home. I do many different things, I use my kinect playing many different games..

This game is absolutely great for anyone who loves to dance, it's a great work out while still making it fun and enjoyable. Definitely get a sweat after 9 or 10 songs in a row.
UFC Trainer is great for a steady basic workout. Gives the same layouts as you would learn in a gym. Even has virtual boxing bags.
This game is not really a work out at all but I just wanted to reshow that I got this for Easter:)
Now sticking to my regimen is going to be the hard part but all I have to think of is the wedding to keep me motivated. I can't wait to look in the mirror or try on a pair of pants that I put on to show me that I met my goal.

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