Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Newest Addition to Our Little Family

So on Firday July 22nd, 2011 Jesse and my mom surprised me with a great gift. A little puppy we named Ash.
Ash is 9 weeks old a little dog full of BIG fun! I must say I was pretty nervous at first worried that something would happen and him and my 15 yr big baby ( smokey the cat ) would not get along. But after a bumpy first night they are loving eachother like they were the  same species.

hes a lot of work but i couldnt ask for a better little family then mine
more to come from this bunch!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So last night was Awsome! it was my best friend Bridgettes birthday. We have been friends since the summer of our 8th grade year, and I am so lucky to have been able to spend another birthday with her. and now that we are of drinking age the birthdays seem to get better and better. so last night started out with a pre-drunk before we hit the bar. this consisted of doing captin morgan bite/with some coke zero. got a little captain in you cuz we sure did.
Next we went to a little bar called the tilted kilt for some specialty shots, and enjoyment with friend. Every where we go no matter if its with bridgette or not we take a washington apple shot. so we made sure this birthday was not anything different.

By the time we left we had about 4 shots, 3beers, and 3 mixed drinks. or so.
Next we all decieded it was time to pop some cherries as we call it and take bridgette and our friend same for the first time to the casino.
      Over all this night was an Absolute blast! I came out ahead ( by four dollars ) and the girls were totally amazed by the pretty lights noise and winnings of the slots machines. I can't wait for the next adventure for her birthday!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So I've been looking at alot of blogs latley and decided what the heck why not try one out for myself. This will probably be a little bit of everything and may be crazy at first but bear with me.
This will most likley become a informative site about the wonders of our life. aka. Me and Jesse. heres a little info to start out with incase you don't know.
Couple Since: August 27th, 2009
Likes: Travel and music and friends, and alchol:P
Met: At work.
and for anyone who doesn't know us Jesse is the crazy adrenaline bass playing horror watching Junky

and as for me well im just crazy crafty princess
Well there you have it in about 150 words or so.