Friday, December 30, 2011

HaPpY NEW YeAr!!!!

 So I totally missed out on making some blogs for christmas which totally sucks because I had two awsome christmas blogs to write... o well maybe when I finish the scrapbook pages I will create something out of that.
   So New Years Eve is tomorrow night and like everyone else I can not believe this year went by so fast. I remember last year Jesse and I sat down and disscussed everything we had to look forward to in the year 2011 and I guess I can say that I am not surprised by how fast time as flown! Three weddings, birthdays, vacations, and of course ENGAGEMENTS! 2011 was definitly one of the best years I have had thus far.
 And as I say good bye to 2011 and welcome in 2012 I have to say I am very excited for the new year to start, with each passing year new memories are made and I know of a couple in 2012 that will be ones to remember. My aunt and uncle will be down here in March! and I can not wait to meet my new family in July! There are so many things that are already planned for 2012 that I'm sure it will fly by just as fast as '11. So with all that said lets tk a look back on some of my fondest memories of the year 2011.

I wish I could have pictures of every major event that happened during this fantastic year.But becuase I don't here are just the highlights.
 May everyones year be as great as the one before it!
Till we meet again

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

HE SAID YES! woohoo

Ok so it hasn't acutally been a month since I last posted so I am still ok. Things have been pretty crazy with christmas. I found out that I was accepted to ASU!! Thank you everyone who bought my crafts to help me pay for the fee.

                 So lets get to the good stuff shall we. Last sunday December 4th,2012 at 3:30pm Jesse finally said yes and ask me to marry him! Words can not even describe how incredably shocked I was that this amazing man would choose to have me be his wife forever!

 I will not bore everyone who is reading this with the details and I'm sure if you are reading this that you already know the whole entire story.
   Basically we had a HUGE fight, I want to say it was the biggest fight that we have had in the 2.5 years we have been together. Eventually we did make up ( before the proposal ).
      Another big event was also happening that day. ( one that I new about ). My brother-in-law was planning a surprise bbq for my sister. She had suspisons so she asked me to come over and help her with her hair. while I was doing that Jesse was getting ready for the BIG event.  Eventually my sister took me to mom's house because she needed a "game. "
      When we pulled in to the driveway I noticed my favorite flowers on the car and all along the walk way. First thought to my mind was that he was apologizing for the fight, didn't want any bad air before christmas. I walked into the house the lights were dimed down, rose petals on the floor, our scrapbooks on the couch with roses all around them, and my favorite song playing in the background. I thought to myself man he is kind of going over board with the apology. Then he came out all dressed up. I was so shocked I didn't know what was happening.
      Jesse got down on one knee and in a voice so quiet I had to lean in to hear him told me he loved me....and asked if I would be his forever, and if I would marry him. It took awhile to get myself to speak. I now know what shock actually feels like.

 With saying yes my family POPPED! out of hiding with a bottle of champagne and flutes and we toasted and celebrated! It was the happiest day of my life thus far!

Jesse and I decieded we would like a long engagement, we have a couple important weddings next year, not to mention school starts!
                                            We picked the date of October 26th, 2013!!!
The day can not come soon enough. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!
Until we meet again!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

...and I'll drink if I want to!

So this past weekend was Jesse’s 26th birthday and we had quite an adventure. The family and us started on Friday with a London bus pub-crawl out in Tempe.
The Double Decker London bus picked us up for our drinking masquerade at the Rose and Crown, bar (were I found my new favorite beerJ ) we then went to four bars after that. It was an absolute blast. I can’t say exactly how much we drank that night I know it started with some beers and ended with a lot of shots but I do remember how I felt on Saturday. If someone asked me to do this again I most definitely would.

   Unfortunately on Saturday we were all a little under the weather (* cough* cough *). So I picked up where we left off on Sunday. I started by surprising him with breakfast in bed, then let him watch hockey. I was actually letting him rest for the night ahead.
   We went out for Jesse’s birthday dinner, were I surprised him with tickets to The Foo Fighters concert. I must say apart from an actual music festival this was the longest concert I had ever been too. He had so much fun and I actually found out it was his first ever BIG concert, love poppin that cherry! After the concert we ended his birthday at no other than the Rose and Crown bar, the very place we startedJ. Although I didn’t get my beer, I guess it’s everyone else’s favorite beer tooL.
  Afterwards when the weekend was over and we were coming off our adrenaline rush. Jesse told me that I outdid myself from what I did for his birthday last year. O man now I have some new goals to beat next year!

Till we meet again!

Friday, October 14, 2011


It comes to be a point in life when the little baby you used to know is now a little kid, growing up way to fast. My oldest Nephew recently joined the soccer team, and though he is only 3 years old I know he will be the newest David Beckham of his time.
   He decided he wanted to start playing when my sister took him to see his cousin jr. play for the first time. Now baby Joel has always loved soccer; Jesse and I even got him Mexico’s professional soccer uniform. But getting to watch his cousin play he could help himself to he begged to his mom to play and of course she said yes. They are definitely a dastardly duo out there together. We are already to his third game of the season and so far he loves it.

  I know that at this age you are not supposed to keep score but I’m a little competitive so of course I do; and all I can say is his team has not lost a game yet!

I can’t wait to continue to watch him bloom and grow, maybe he will be a soccer player maybe he will be a pilot all I know is I am looking forward to sharing this great adventure in his life.
Till we meet again

Sunday, October 9, 2011


  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Not only because the weather changes to cooler but not quite cold temperatures, but also because I consider it the doorway to Christmas, birthdays, and New Years.  The way I love to start my fall every year is by having a pumpkin spice frappuccino from Starbucks, it is not officially fall until I take the first deliciously sweet sip of that wonderful goodness.

            Another reason I love fall is because of the month October, it’s my favorite month, and it is always packed full of many things to do. One of the things I do every year is go to a haunted house. Just recently my sister, brother-in-law, Jesse, and I went to the Nest out at Wild Horse Pass Casino. For any of you who have never been to this haunted attraction and are considering attending; my opinion would be to save your money and go somewhere else. AWEFUL!! But besides that major disappointment there are tons of scary attractions around the great state of Arizona. You can go to big ones like Fear Farm or even small ones that cost about $8.00; most of the time those are the best ones because they are very private and you definitely get a scream for your buck.

  This October I am determined to carve a pumpkin, to make sure this happens I will be buying one at Schnepps farm pumpkin festival, this is another tradition the family and I do every year, to keep us in the fall spirit. Anyone who has children should look into this it is family owned and costs about 12 to 15 dollars.

  And last but not least there is the holidays, we have many birthdays to celebrate in the fall two of which are Jesse’s and myself; and of course Halloween! If you are not sure of anything fun to do in the fall here are a couple ideas of great ways to really appreciate the season and of course the month of October.
·        Haunted attractions
·        Festivals
·        Oktoberfest
·        Pumpkin picking
·        Traveling up north to see the beautiful leaves
·        And of course PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS!!

I hope you enjoy the many adventures of Fall, Arizona only gets weather like this once a year, get out and enjoy it.
     Till we meet again

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Craft Money or Bust!

      So I know I haven't been doing this thing for... gosh I don't know MONTHS!! Anyways I figure why not add more to my plate by starting this up again. What can I say reading my besties blog made me decied to start mine up again as well. ( thanks britt ).
    Anywho lots of things going on right now and expecially lots of things building up this week. I am coaching cheer.. yes again... watching a house and two little crazy dogs for a friend. and of course I finally made the decision that I would really like to be a college graduate. Hey even if I cant find a job afterwards and will be in so much debt I won't be able to see. It would be great to have that pretty frame with a diploma in it hanging over my wall.
    So the other night I went on to the ASU website to submit my application for Fall of 2012, and once I got to the end I discovered there is a small fee for them to give you a thumbs or tell you to go jump off a cliff somewhere ( figurativly speaking of course ). Well with Christmas and Birthdays, and Weddings, and animals and everything else that comes up at the end of the year I had no way to come up with the money. So I finally took all my friends advice and started selling one of my crafts that I made for Halloween.
I started selling them for $5.00. I know have determined that I should have probably asked for more but hey what can you do lesson learned. Anyways I thought that if I was lucky I could get 10 people to buy 1 so I could have to the money to apply. 20 of these bad boys latter I think I need to start a building line of mass producers for these bad boys. Well at this point I have 4 that's right 4 done and a long way to go but I still have a week as long as I stay on task it will be good. Keep your fingers crossed that ASU says yes otherwise I will be expecting alot more people to be buying these suckers so I can make somemore income for my little family.  More to come as I get to it. lets hope I can hope on here in another week instead of 3 months!
Till we meet again!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Newest Addition to Our Little Family

So on Firday July 22nd, 2011 Jesse and my mom surprised me with a great gift. A little puppy we named Ash.
Ash is 9 weeks old a little dog full of BIG fun! I must say I was pretty nervous at first worried that something would happen and him and my 15 yr big baby ( smokey the cat ) would not get along. But after a bumpy first night they are loving eachother like they were the  same species.

hes a lot of work but i couldnt ask for a better little family then mine
more to come from this bunch!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


So last night was Awsome! it was my best friend Bridgettes birthday. We have been friends since the summer of our 8th grade year, and I am so lucky to have been able to spend another birthday with her. and now that we are of drinking age the birthdays seem to get better and better. so last night started out with a pre-drunk before we hit the bar. this consisted of doing captin morgan bite/with some coke zero. got a little captain in you cuz we sure did.
Next we went to a little bar called the tilted kilt for some specialty shots, and enjoyment with friend. Every where we go no matter if its with bridgette or not we take a washington apple shot. so we made sure this birthday was not anything different.

By the time we left we had about 4 shots, 3beers, and 3 mixed drinks. or so.
Next we all decieded it was time to pop some cherries as we call it and take bridgette and our friend same for the first time to the casino.
      Over all this night was an Absolute blast! I came out ahead ( by four dollars ) and the girls were totally amazed by the pretty lights noise and winnings of the slots machines. I can't wait for the next adventure for her birthday!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So I've been looking at alot of blogs latley and decided what the heck why not try one out for myself. This will probably be a little bit of everything and may be crazy at first but bear with me.
This will most likley become a informative site about the wonders of our life. aka. Me and Jesse. heres a little info to start out with incase you don't know.
Couple Since: August 27th, 2009
Likes: Travel and music and friends, and alchol:P
Met: At work.
and for anyone who doesn't know us Jesse is the crazy adrenaline bass playing horror watching Junky

and as for me well im just crazy crafty princess
Well there you have it in about 150 words or so.